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"Dianchi Flower Festival" is Waiting For You!

PublishDate:2023-04-03 09:30Source: InKunming

Spring is here and the flowers are in bloom, and every year we welcome the new season with joyous festivities. The "Kunming·Dianchi Flower Festival" is currently taking place at the Haigeng Park and will continue until April 2nd.


"Flower God" made the appearance. 

During the opening ceremony, accompanied by beautiful ancient music, the "Twelve Flower Gods" appeared one by one, each holding a branch representing a month, dressed in Han costumes and adorned with elegant makeup, as if dated back to ancient times. The "Kunming·Dianchi Flower Festival" attracted countless citizens and tourists to come and witness the spectacle. It also attracted many Hanfu lovers who gathered by the Dianchi Lake to admire a magnificent spring scenery.


Hanfu lovers participated in the Festival. 

The Flower Festival, also known as the "Festival of the Flower God", celebrates the birthday of China's flowers. The hosting of the festival has fully utilized the "Spring City Flower Kingdom" brand and integrated the traditional festival of Flower Festival into the tourism industry.


Hanfu lovers danced gracefully with ancient-style music.

During the festival, various events such as the "Flower Carnival with Thousands of People, Flower God Ceremony with Music and Dance, Spring Flower God Competition, Flowers Feast, and National Style Exhibition by Flower-Loving Youth" will be staged one after another, showcasing the brilliance and excitement of traditional Chinese culture. The original music and dance drama "The Story of Yang Yuhuan, the Flower Goddess" will also make its national debut by the shores of Dianchi. 


Personal performance at the Flower Festival. 

Anyone wearing Hanfu or ethnic clothing can participate in the park festival for free. They can enjoy the beautiful scenery, taste flower-themed food and tea, appreciate flower art, join the exciting Flower Carnival with Thousands of People, immerse in the customs of the Flower Festival such as watching flower, passing flowers, and reciting poetry about flowers, feel the poetry and romance of this traditional festival, and know deep about the splendid Yunnan flower culture. (Editors: Rachel, Amy)