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Yunnan Dian Zhong New Area to speed up the construction of projects

PublishDate:2023-03-31 15:57Source: YUNNAN DIAN ZHONG NEW AREA

On March 27, Yang Dongwei, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee and deputy director of the Management Committee of Yunnan Dian Zhong New Area led a team to inspect several ongoing projects. He said it is imperative to accelerate the project construction to shore up economic growth, so as to lay a solid foundation for boosting high-quality development with clustered key projects in Yunnan Dian Zhong New Area.

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During the visit to the construction site of Dian Zhong Business Plaza (Phase II), the team conducted in-depth investigations into the progress of projects, the cost of construction, and the positioning for investment. It is recommended that the project party integrates surrounding resources to develop on a large scale. At the Yianfei Technology Industrial Park site, the team identified possible obstacles to project advancement and immediately proposed solutions. The team then visited the project construction site of Hongtai Zhizao (Kunming) Industrial District and the ASEAN Industrial Park. At present, the main structure of the No.12 plant of Hongtai Zhizao (Kunming) Industrial District (Phase I) has been completed and started investment promotion work. The ASEAN Industrial Park serving as a pioneer and an important fulcrum to South Asia and Southeast Asia, has kept various tasks moving forward in order.

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Yang emphasized that departments at all levels should strive to meet the needs of project construction, guarantee the factors like land, water, and electricity in the area where the project is located, and improve the related infrastructure, including sewage treatment and other supporting facilities in order to create a good business environment for projects put into production as soon as possible. Enterprises should adhere to the construction targets, strengthen the coordination of personnel, finances, and materials and raise the work efficiency and quality standard of project construction so as to expedite the construction progress and ensure the smooth completion of projects on schedule. (Editors: Ines, Rachel)