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@You, Check Out This Pear Blossoms-viewing Map

PublishDate:2023-03-19 10:14Source: InKunming

In the mild and pleasant breeze of March, Kunming is in full bloom with various kinds of flowers as the temperature rises gradually. Just as visitors finished admiring cherry blossoms, Chinese crab-apple flowers, and cole flowers, the most exuberant period for pear blossoms has arrived.


Blooming pear blossoms. 

Starting from early March, the 2023 Xizhu Pear Blossom Festival in Kunming's Wuhua District, the 11th Wanxi Pear Blossom Festival in Chenggong, and the Yanta Pear Blossom Festival in Anning have all opened one after another, attracting a large number of visitors from across the country to witness the white sea of blooming pear blossoms.



Mountains covered in blooming pear blossoms. 

Every March, the mountains of Bainitang Village in Doupulu Community, Xizhu Street, are covered in blooming pear blossoms, creating a limited "snowy landscape" in the spring season. Tourists flock to the pear orchards, gathering in groups of three or five to take photos, capturing the most beautiful moments under the pear blossoms, or lightly approaching the pristine petals to breathe in the scent of spring.


Blooming pear blossoms. 

Currently, the pear blossom planting area of Bainitang Village has expanded to over 1,000 mu, with spring scenery within reach.


Mountains covered in blooming pear blossoms. 

Travel Guide

Address: Bainitang Village, Doupulu Community, Xizhu Street, Wuhua District, Kunming City

Transportation: Drive to Bai Nitang, Wuhua District, using navigation.



Pear blossoms are in full bloom. 

With the arrival of the spring breeze, the pear trees in Wanxichong are in full bloom. Every year in March, Kunming's "backyard garden" welcomes its most beautiful time. This year's Wanxi Pear Blossom Festival uses three major segments and 21 activities to showcase a new creative concept of "presenting new looks, new beauty and all-around development of agriculture, culture, tourism and business".


Blooming pear blossoms. 

One of the major features of this year's festival is the "one main venue, multiple sub-venues" for flower viewing. Various flower viewing routes have been created, including the core flower viewing area in Wanxi Pear Town, a sports and sightseeing route, an agricultural experience loop, and an all-around flower viewing route, connecting communities, streets and the entire district to build the Wanxi Pear Blossom brand.


People are drawing pictures under the pear trees. 

Travel Guide

Address: Wanxichong Community, Wujiaying Street Office, Chenggong District, Kunming City

Transportation: Drive to Wanxichong in Chenggong District or take Metro Line 1 or 2 to the University City Station, then take Bus No. 223 from the Yuhua Bus Hub Station at Exit C.



Pear blossoms are in full bloom.

Yanta Village, located in Xianjie Street, Anning City, known as the "hometown of Chinese red pears", welcomes the blooming of pear blossoms every March. The pear blossoms fill the garden, displaying the beauty of spring and symbolizing the start of a new year, which will bring a fruitful harvest season.


Blooming pear blossoms. 

This year, as expected, thousands of pear trees are in full bloom, creating a fairyland-like atmosphere with spring wind. Visitors can not only stroll through the romantic ancient villages, but also experience the rich rural life and taste authentic rural cuisine when visiting Yanta Village to appreciate the beauty of pear blossoms.


Pear blossoms are in full bloom. 

Travel Guide

Address: Yanta Village, Xianjie Street, Anning City, Kunming

Transportation: Drive to Huaxiang Yanta, Anning City, using navigation.



Blooming pear blossoms. 

The Heiyingpan Village in Yangqiao Street in March is hiding a beautiful spring scenery, where thousands of pear blossoms quietly bloom, offering a pleasant view. The breeze blows, and flower branches sway in the wind like snowflakes, sparkling like silver.


Blooming pear blossoms. 

The pear blossoms are scattered all over the mountains and plains, as white as snow, pure and elegant, gorgeous and fragrant, with a charming posture. Even deep in the mountains, there are scattered houses, elm, willow trees, peach and plum trees. The smoke curling up, and dogs barking in the deep alley, all create a return-to-the-basics garden-style lifestyle.


Blooming pear blossoms. 

Travel Guide

Address: Yangqiao Street, Songming County, Kunming City

Transportation: Drive to the Heiyingpan Community in Yangqiao Street, Songming County, using navigation

(Editors: Christine, Amy)