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All kinds of rice noodles in SW China’s Yunnan Province

PublishDate:2023-02-03 10:10Source: InKunming

It is said that Yunnan people enjoy eating rice noodles. That’s because everything can be cooked with rice noodles there! Now let’s have a look at all kinds of rice noodles in Yunnan.


Caoya rice noodles. (Caoya means grass bud.)


Changwang rice noodles, a kind of rice noodles that are cooked with chitterlings and pig's blood.

Yunnan has abundant products due to its unique natural conditions.

There are flower petals in spring, waxberries in summer, rice in autumn and hams in winter.

And there are mushrooms in mountains, fish in water, bamboo shoots in forests and ducks in fields.


Stinky tofu rice noodles.


Tofu pudding rice noodles.

Due to the rich ethnic culture in Yunnan, there are various tastes and ways of cooking here.

There are cold salad, bittern pettitoes, roasted meat and pickled ribs.

And there are sour vinegar, sweet soy sauce, bitter beef intestines and spicy chopped peppers.


Soybean milk rice noodles.


Dry sauce rice noodles.


Crossing-the-bridge noodles.


Guoshou rice noodles, a kind of rice noodles that eaten with hands.


Kougang rice noodles, a kind of rice noodles that served in a jar.


Shouzhuayu rice noodles in Menglian, Pu'er City, a kind of rice noodles that are served with fried fish and eaten with hands.

A small bowl of rice noodles shows Yunnan’s unique customs and inclusiveness.


Roasted meat rice noodles in Shunjiang, Baoshan City.


Chong rice noodles in Zhenyuan, Pu'er City, a kind of rice noodles which ingredients are pounded in a mortar.

What are you waiting for? Why not come to Yunnan and enjoy different kinds of rice noodles? (Editors: Lexi, Amy)