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Camping a new trend in Shangri-La during Spring Festival

PublishDate:2023-02-01 15:30Source: InKunming



During the Spring Festival, going camping at the Napahai Nature Reserve has become a new trend among young people. The cold winter couldn’t stop people from going outside. Tents, tables, chairs, coffee, stoves and camp lights, a whole variety of equipment are prepared for camping.

“I’m a senior camping fan. I saw my friends going camping in Shangri-La last winter on their WeChat Moments. I thought it was very trendy then and I was attracted by the beautiful scenery of Shangri-La at the same time. So early this year I had a plan for going camping at Napahai. Camping in winter is very quiet that there are only a few people and insects. When you are in the wild you can only hear the wind. I feel extremely excited by this kind of experience, which is the biggest charm of going camping in winter”, said Zheng Xing, a tourist who is pitching a tent. (Editors: Lexi, Amy)