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Celebrating Spring Festival with Dazzling Fireworks

PublishDate:2023-01-12 11:06Source: InKunming


People always like setting off fireworks and firecrackers to show their joy during Spring Festival holidays.

From January 11 to February 5, fireworks and firecrackers can be set off in the main urban area of Kunming. However, all schools, hospitals, cultural relics protection units, cultural and entertainment places, markets, seagulls gathering areas, key fire prevention units, shopping malls and supermarkets and other 11 kinds of places of Kunming are prohibited from setting off fireworks and firecrackers throughout the year.

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There are 936 fireworks retail stores (points) in Kunming this year, which is the same as last year. Among them, there are 305 temporary retail stores (points) in the main urban area of Kunming, and there are no long-term retail stores (points).

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All the citizens are supposed to buy fireworks and firecrackers at the regular fireworks and firecrackers retail stores (points) , set off fireworks and firecrackers safely in strict accordance with the instructions, and clean up the fireworks and firecrackers after setting off in time, so as to jointly create a safe, happy and peaceful holiday atmosphere. (Editors: Rachel, Christine)