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Area advantage

PublishDate:2023-01-03 17:40Source: YUNNAN DIAN ZHONG NEW AREA

Optimal location conditions

located in the center of the Asian 5-hour aviation economic circle, close to the central city of Kunming, the transportation network is complete


changshui International Airport, the fourth largest national gateway airport in China, is a national gateway hub airport for Southeast Asia, South Asia and Europe and Asia.


Open to the outside world and cooperate with good prospects


The role of Yunnan Province in the promotion of the "the belt and road initiative" initiative has become increasingly prominent

High regional load capacity

the development potential of land resources suitable for construction is great. Yunnan Province gives priority to the land use indicators of the new area. It is the main area for the spatial expansion of the central urban area of Kunming. It has a good foundation for promoting the construction of new urbanization and further gathering industries and population.


Comprehensive transportation convenience

the overall structure of "one port, two railway, six roads and two tracks" is formed in the comprehensive traffic layout.

First Port: Changshui International Airport

Second Railway: Shanghai-Kunming Passenger Dedicated High-speed Railway Guikun Railway

Sixth Road: Kon-Song Expressway, Airport Expressway, Hangrui Expressway, Southeast Ring, New 320 National Highway, Chenghuang Express

Second Rail: Line 6, Line 9 (Airport Line)