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General situation of the whole region

PublishDate:2023-01-03 17:24Source: YUNNAN DIAN ZHONG NEW AREA

In 20142Month8Day, the 9th Provincial Party Committee's 56 Standing Committee Meeting decided to the Kunming Airport Economic Zone approved by the Kunming Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government in 2 2005 (integrated with Guandu District in 2009 and implemented territorial management), and Dabanqiao Street as a whole Into the Central Yunnan Industrial New District as a direct management area and a pilot start-up area.9Month22Day, the provincial editorial board issued the "reply on straightening out the management system of Guandu Industrial Park and Dabanqiao subdistrict in Kunming Airport Economic Zone", which clearly gave the county-level economic and social management authority to the Dabanqiao subdistrict office, revoked the Kunming Airport Economic Zone approved by the original Kunming City, integrated the Kunming Airport Economic Zone with Dabanqiao Street, and established the provincial Kunming Airport Economic Zone, which is under the jurisdiction. With the care and support of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government and the active promotion of the Central Yunnan Industrial New District, on the 11 22, Yunnan Kunming Airport Economic Zone was officially put into operation.

[Area and Land Area]

Yunnan Kunming Airport Economic Zone is located in Dabanqiao Sub-district Office, Guandu District, about 24 Kilometers, adjacent to Chenggong District in the east, Jingkai District in the south, Panlong District in the west, and Songming County in the north, with a land area of 396.6 square kilometers (including: forest land area of 216.31 square kilometers, forest coverage 54.54%; mountain area About 74%, the dam area accounts for about 26%, it is a typical mountainous and semi-mountainous terrain, with mountains on both sides of the east and, it has jurisdiction over 20 residents' committees and 99 residents' groups. As of the 7 of 2019, the total population of the district was 106484, including 49934 registered population and 56550 floating population; among the registered population, 24644 male population and 25290 female population.

[River System]the jurisdiction is located in the Dianchi Lake Basin of 256.6 square kilometers and the Yangtze River system of 140 square kilometers. There are mainly 5 rivers in the airport area, including Baoxi River, Tao River, Tolong River, Huazhuang River and Shajing River; 1 medium-sized reservoirs (Baoxi River Reservoir), with a normal storage level of 2052 meters and a corresponding storage capacity of 1900 million cubic meters; 3 small first-type reservoirs (Shajing Dahe Reservoir, Shajing Xiaohe Reservoir, Fuxing Reservoir), with a total storage; there are 7 small second-type reservoirs with a total storage capacity of 190.73 million cubic meters; 28 small dams with a total storage capacity of 53.66 million cubic meters.

[Location Transportation]

Kunming Changshui International Airport is a 4F civil transportation airport, one of China's two major national gateway hub airports, and one of the top 100 airports in the world. Railways and highways in the territory extend in all directions. Gui-Kun Railway, Shanghai-Kunming High-speed Railway, Kunqu Expressway, Songkun Expressway, and 320-National Highway pass through the border. Rail Transit Metro Line 6 in the area connects Changshui International Airport and the main urban area. Kunming Airport North Expressway and Songkun Avenue are under construction. In the future, Kunming Changshui International Airport T2 terminal and integrated transportation hub will be built, and the Chongqing-Kunming high-speed rail will be seamlessly connected.

[Park Planning]

As the core area of Yunnan Dianzhong New District, in the country's new development positioning and new strategic opportunities for Yunnan, the airport economic zone focuses on the airport economy, with aviation comprehensive service industry, business logistics, high-tech and light manufacturing, Comprehensive bonded industry as the leading industry, in accordance with the concept of group development to promote the integrated development of industry and city, combined with the actual situation of key industries and areas, is planned as the following industrial areas (groups:

-- Comprehensive bonded extension area. On 2 3, 2016, the State Council officially approved the establishment of the Kunming Comprehensive Bonded Zone, with a planned area of 2 square kilometers, of which Block 2 (Airport Area) has a planned area of 1.42 square kilometers, close to Changshui International Airport and the southern work area of the airport. The 1024-mu area of the first phase of the project was on 5, 12, 2017, and officially passed the national acceptance. In order to ensure the development of comprehensive bonded business in the next step, the airport will be located in the south of the comprehensive bonded zone, and the planned area of 26.92 square kilometers is planned as the comprehensive bonded zone expansion area. Focus on the development of the supporting industrial system with bonded trade, bonded logistics, bonded processing and other comprehensive bonded areas, and expand the peripheral development of urban supporting functions.

-- Airport Industrial Park. Located at the northern end of the airport airport industrial belt in central Yunnan, connecting Songming County and the airport economic zone, the planned area of the airport area is about 11.29 square kilometers. According to the overall plan, one district with multiple parks, phased development and gradual promotion, the development and construction will be implemented. Focus on the development of intelligent environmental protection, high-end manufacturing, new technology research and development, electronic communications and biomedicine and other high-end airport economic industries.

-- Airport Business District. Located in the southern part of the Airport Economic Zone, the northwest part of the Dabanqiao group, and close to Kunming Changshui International Airport, it is positioned as the Guomen Business District. The core area focuses on the core area in front of the rail station. The population is concentrated and the transportation is convenient. It has the inherent advantages of becoming a regional business center. The planned area is 2.5 square kilometers. Focus on the development of business office, building economy, headquarters economy, hotels, shopping and other airport business industries.

-- Xichong area of Banqiao. This area is the frontier area of the Airport Economic Zone facing the main urban area, and it is also the core area of the Airport Economic Zone, with a planned area of 13.84 square kilometers. Focus on the development of business and trade, finance, multimodal transport logistics, etc.

-- Aviation Logistics Park. Located in the middle of the airport airport industrial belt in central Yunnan new area, with a planned area of 3495 mu, relying on Changshui International Airport, we will strive to build a comprehensive logistics area with modern aviation logistics as the mainstay and business office facilities as the supplement.

-Science and Technology Innovation Park. Located in the Airport Economic Zone Airport Industrial Park, with a planned area of 682.70 acres, it mainly focuses on non-ferrous and precious metals, new materials, biomedicine, high-end equipment manufacturing and optoelectronic equipment and other industries to create a technology research and development innovation platform and a technology public service park.

-- Xiaoshao International Science and Technology Innovation City. Located in the small sentry area of the Airport Economic Zone, with a planned area of 50 square kilometers, it is positioned as the future government affairs and service center of the Central Yunnan New Area, the international science and technology innovation city, and the high-quality industry-city integration demonstration zone. Focus on the development of innovative industries, headquarters economy, building economy, financial services, etc.

Development Orientation

Yunnan Kunming Airport Economic Zone is the only airport characteristic industrial park in Yunnan. It is an important support for the in-depth implementation of the two major strategies of bridgehead and civil aviation construction and the integrated development of the central Yunnan urban economic circle. Since the establishment of the national central Yunnan new area, the airport economic zone has taken the initiative to serve and integrate into the national development strategy, Closely focused on the provincial party committee, provincial government, municipal party committee, and municipal government's strategic deployment of "accelerating the construction of a regional international center city" building a regional international hub, leading the opening and cooperation between Yunnan and southwest China and South and Southeast Asian countries, and launching the southwest open gateway city brand ", as well as the goal of" building Kunming into an international aviation hub and aviation city, to follow the trend and take advantage of the situation, the has formulated the development orientation and goal of "building the core area of an international aviation metropolis.