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Yanglin Economic Development Zone pushes forward the implementation of 81 key projects

PublishDate:2022-09-19 15:18Source: YUNNAN DIAN ZHONG NEW AREA

Since this year, Yanglin Economic Development Zone has set improving the work style and efficiency as a goal and tried its utmost to implement the construction of key projects. From January to August, Yanglin Economic Development Zone is expected to accomplish about 2.15 billion yuan major fixed-asset investment with 1.97 billion yuan industrial fixed-asset investment, up 47.56% year on year.


It is reported that Yanglin Economic Development Zone will promote 81 key projects (22 under construction, 22 newly started, and 28 in the early stage). From January to August, in a total of 34 projects, there were 23 industrial projects, 5 infrastructure projects and 6 real estate projects. In August, Yanglin Economic Development Zone made progress in the project promotion, adding 7 more new industrial projects, including the construction of standard factories in Jinmai Industrial Park of Yunnan Zhijian Manufacturing Co., Ltd and the standard factory in Jinhe Industrial Park of Yunnan Zhiye Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

According to Li Peiqing, the Director of the Economic Development Bureau of Yanglin Economic Development Zone, in the next step, Yanglin Economic Development Zone will push forward the signed projects to start construction as soon as possible to ensure the successful completion of all annual goals and tasks.  Yanglin Economic Development Zone will focus on the advancement of the second phase of the mold industrial park and the product packaging of Kunming Dongqiang Paper Co., Ltd in the early stage and accelerate the second phase of Kunming Zheshang technopark, the project with an annual output of 20,000 tons of high-strength 7075 aluminum alloy plates and alloy auto parts manufactured by Zhejiang Shunhu Aluminium Co., Ltd and so on.