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A refreshing Dali Ancient Town

PublishDate:2022-09-13 17:53Source: InKunming

Dali Ancient Town is located in Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province. The beautiful natural landscape like Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake and unique and rich ethnic cultures have made Dali a glamorous city with a long history.

Bai ethnic group has flourished near Erhai Lake to create a splendid culture. The remarkable traditional architecture embodies the long history and rich culture of Dali.

The South Gate, with over 600 years of history, is the oldest architecture in Dali Ancient Town and also the symbol of it. “Honglong well” is a 400-meter-long street named after a well. In 2003, according to a legend of “Honglong well and Jade cabbage”, Dali city built a waterscape cultural and leisure area that integrated accommodation, shopping, and entertainment.

Artistic Renmin Road in Dali ancient town is of great antiquity. There are many old courtyard houses and buildings on both sides of the road, connecting to several winding alleys filled with various western restaurants, Dali delicacies, groceries, hotels, and so forth. As Dali’s tourism is booming, it attracts increasing tourists. Life here in Dali is peaceful, relatively slow, and harmonious.

Fuxing Road is another renowned road in Dali Ancient Town. You can see Bai-style buildings with wood structures and stone bases. The color of all bricks is blue-grey. The roof is made of blue-gray tiles in contrast to maroon beams, columns, doors, and windows. The pale gray bricks and blue-gray tiles blend into the dark color of the walls of the ancient town, forming a graceful and simple scenery of Dali Ancient Town.