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Work group inspects high-end equipment and the automobile manufacturing industry

PublishDate:2022-08-24 16:22Source: YUNNAN DIAN ZHONG NEW AREA

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In order to accelerate the development of high-end equipment and automobile manufacturing industrial chain in Kunming, on August 19, Zhao Xuefeng, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and the Deputy Director of Management Committee of Yunnan Dian Zhong New Area, led a work group of Kunming's high-end equipment and automobile manufacturing industrial chain to inspect 4 "chain host" enterprises, CRCC High-Tech Equipment Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as CRCCE), Kunming Yunnei Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Kunming Yunnei Power), Shenji Group Kunming Machine Tool Company Limited, and Kunming Sino-Platinum Metals Catalyst Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as SPMC) to conduct specific research.

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The work group made a field trip to the companies to inspect their production, research and development, and the sales line to have an in-depth understanding of the current situation of the industrial chain while collecting and listening to enterprises' demands. At the industrial base of CRCCE, the work group had a detailed understanding of the production and manufacturing process of large-scale road maintenance machinery, the enterprise's development in recent years, the core technology level of products, and domestic and foreign market shares. At the technical center and production workshop of Kunming Yunnei Power, the work group learned about the achievements made by the company in fields like digital platform construction and independent controllable core technology in recent years' research and development and manufacturing. They advised the enterprise to expand domestic and international markets actively and speed up the pace of smart manufacturing. At Shenji Group Kunming Machine Tool Company Limited, the work group learned about the detail of specific practices of enterprises in strengthening and promoting precision manufacturing and the achieved outcome. They suggested the company boost research and development and innovation and accelerate the transformation and upgrade. At the technology-intensive SPMC, the work group focused on its R&D center, and production line thoroughly leaned about the product market prospect according to the gaol of "Double carbon", and suggested the company strengthen and expand cooperation in related industries and explore new advantages for development.

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Zhao said that with the aim of building clusters of emerging industries at a faster pace, key areas of the industrial chain, chain leaders, and deputy chain leaders should focus on the weakness of the industrial chain and the high-end of the value chain and strengthen the cultivation of "chain host" enterprises. Based on the Research conducted, all departments at all levels should have a deep analysis of industrial development factors and bring forward suggestions regarding industrial layout, implementation of projects, and investment attraction. It is stressed that mechanism should be established to coordinate and help enterprises solve related problems, and good services should also be provided according to relevant requirements of the upstream industrial chain proposed by "chain host" enterprises to promote them to act as the main engine, driving the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to improve at the same time.