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Yunnan Dian Zhong New Area holds a meeting with Sinopharm Group

PublishDate:2022-07-19 16:05Source: YUNNAN DIAN ZHONG NEW AREA

On July 15, Zhao Xuefeng, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and the Deputy Director of Management Committee of Yunnan Dian Zhong New Area, had a meeting with Yu Qingming, the secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of Sinopharm Group Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Sinopharm Group). Both sides conducted in-depth discussions on deepening cooperation in medical devices, healthcare, and other businesses.


On behalf of the Party Working Committee and Management Committee of Yunnan Dian Zhong New Area, Zhao expressed his gratitude to Sinopharm Group for its continuous support of the industrial development of the New Area. He added that Yunnan Dian Zhong New area would become the best "public servant" and serve Sinopharm Group well by facilitating Sinopharm Group Yunnan Co., Ltd. Pharmaceutical Health Industrial Park to be put into operation as soon as possible.

Zhao also said that Yunnan Dian Zhong New Area considered biomedicine the key industry. With KPC Pharmaceutical Health Industrial Park, Kunming Nanjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Yunnan Oubosi orthopedic medical instruments, Bangyu Pharmaceutical, and Yunnan Rainbow Bio-Tech. Corp., Ltd. settled in New Area, biomedical industry cluster in Yunnan Dian Zhong New Area has come into being. New Area rolled out support policies to promote the high-quality development of the biomedical industry, and at present, it is redoubling its efforts to attract investment. Sinopharm is a leading distributor, retailer, and supply chain provider of pharmaceuticals, healthcare products, and medical devices. It is hoped that Sinopharm Group puts more big and good projects into the New Area, which will not only speed up the development of the biomedical industry but also give full play to the location and transportation advantages of the New Area to expand the broader domestic and international markets.


Yu said that Sinopharm Group's projects have been pushed forward and reached completion quickly, which reflects the excellent business environment of Kunming City and Yunnan Dian Zhong New Area. Sinopharm Group hopes to deepen cooperation with the New Area in medical devices and healthcare, especially in household medical equipment and wearable smart devices, to jointly promote the development of the biomedical industry in the New Area.