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Kunming's flower economy continues to recover

PublishDate:2022-09-07 15:14Source: InKunming

Kunming's cool weather is particularly attractive this summer, as many places continue to experience high temperatures. With the influx of tourists, the flower economy in Kunming recovers, and the sales of Dounan Flower Market are booming.


Kunming Dounan Flower Market is the largest fresh cut flower trading center in Asia, accounting for 70% of the market share in more than 80 cities across the country, selling 117 categories and more than 1,600 varieties of flowers every day.

There are roses, carnations, chamomile, sunflower and so on. It is a must-visit place for visitors coming to Kunming. They wear beautiful hand-woven garlands, hold large bouquets of flowers, and enjoy the colorful flower world.

Data from Meituan, a retail platform, shows searches for "Dounan Flower market" have increased 51 percent since July compared with the same period last year and 107 percent from June.


The price of roses here is so cheap that tourists find it incredible. "We planned to visit Dounan before we arrived in Kunming. I heard that the flowers here are abundant and cheap." A tourist Xiao Xin from Xi 'an said.

"I have never seen so many flowers in my whole life. After walking around here, I feel like I smell like flowers." Xiao Yang, from Tianjin, said that when he arrived in Kunming, he didn't want to leave. He envied the Kunming people who grew up in the "sea of flowers".

In fact, not only tourists, but also locals in Kunming can't live without flowers. Buying a bunch of flowers to put at home has become a common lifestyle of Kunming people, and ordering flowers through delivery platforms has also become the main way for many local residents to buy flowers.

"During the holidays, I would go to the flower market. When I was busy, I would place orders on the delivery platform. " Ms. He said she likes to have a single bouquet of flowers at the end of her shift, and when she gets home, the rider delivers the flower just in time.

The owner of Pingping Flower shop, which is only 10 square meters in size, said it has sold more than 8,200 orders in the past three months through instant retail after it entered the delivery platform.

At present in Kunming, there are many such entity flower shops. Statistics show that since July, there have been more than 20 flower shops in Kunming with more than 3,000 orders.

These flower shops not only meet the needs of consumers, but also increase owners’ income, spread the operating costs, and obtain a wider range of stable customers.

"The 'flower economy' not only promotes the development of tourism in Kunming, but also brings a new growth point of economic income." An analyst said. This summer, the popular Dounan Flower Market, the ubiquitous flower vendors on the street, and the takeout orders from instant retail platforms have all contributed to the success of flowers in Kunming, making it the first city in China to realize "flower freedom".