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Amazing places of interest to chill out in Yuxi

PublishDate:2022-08-11 14:12Source: InKunming


Fuxian Lake. [Photo by Shi Tingming]

While people are experiencing the heat wave across China, the breeze in Yunnan is cool with about 20 degrees annual temperature. The airline bookings had doubled in the past week. “About half of China’s people have come to Yunnan to escape from the summer”, some comments online said.

In the midsummer with scorching sun, you can go traveling to enjoy the coolness in Yunnan’s Yuxi apart from air conditioning, cold drinks and watermelons. There are quite a few “cool” places of interest you cannot miss in Yuxi to escape the sweltering heat and enjoy the wonderful summer.  


[Photo by Hui Xin]

Longma Mountain

Longma Mountain eco-tourism resort is located in the northeast of Hongta District, Yuxi City. It is famed for its beautiful, dangerous and spectacular natural landscape with other tourist facilities such as the small-sized stone forest, 999 ladders and Torch Plaza.

The top of Longma Mountain is covered with mist all year round with lush forests. It is a wonderful place to go during the summer holidays.


Jiulongchi Park

Jiulongchi Park is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the Hongta District of Yuxi. With 

Chongshan Mountain in the back and pine forests in the front. Jiulongchi Park is an ideal summer resort with a picturesque and tranquil environment.


[Photo from "Yuxi Culture and Tourism"]


[Photo from "Yuxi Culture and Tourism"]

It is like being in a sea of forests. The water in Jiulongchi pond is crystal clear with fish swimming and dappled shadow on the surface, surrounded by verdant trees.

Luchong resort in Chengjiang

Luchong resort in Chengjiang is located on the west bank of Fuxian Lake. With a mountain in the back and a lake in the front, Luchong resort is also a wonderful place to chill out in summer with numerous ancient trees.


You can walk under the shades of tall ancient banyan trees, look over boundless Fuxian Lake and listen to the old fishing tales told by elderly villagers to enjoy summer holidays with ease.


Mopan Mountain National Forest Park in Xinping

Mopan Mountain National Forest Park in Xinping is called the “natural oxygen bar”. There are high mountains with deep falling streams, old trees twisted by vines and 6 beautiful and quiet lakes. Even in hot summer, you still feel the coolness here.


[Photo by Pan Quan]


Xiushan Mountain in Tonghai

Xiushan Mountain is a significant cultural symbol of Tonghai’s ancient town. In Ming Dynasty, Xiushan Mountain was one of Four famous Mountains in Yunnan along with Jinma Mountain and Biji Mountain in Kunming and Cangshan Mountain in Dali.

With winding paths in the mountain and burning incense from temples, you will feel a sense of coolness in summer.


[Photo by Lu Guiqian]

Ailao Mountain

Towering Ailong mountain, situated in the west bank of Honghe, has several peaks covered by green trees and falling streams. There are myriads of streams and waterfalls, giant trees with tangled roots, twisting vines and all kinds of vegetation. Everything looks vibrant, green and cool under the sunshine.




[Photo by Guan Chaobi]

Are you excited? What other summer resorts do you recommend?