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Yunnan Dian Zhong New Area made progress in improving the business environment

PublishDate:2022-09-23 17:08Source: YUNNAN DIAN ZHONG NEW AREA

It is reported from the symposium on improving the business environment held by Yunnan Dian Zhong New Area on September 19 that significant progress has been made in the overall work to better the business environment. As of the end of August, the total number of market entities in Yunnan Dian Zhong New Area reached 105,300 with 17,407 new market entities, up 25.6% year on year. As market players increase, the business environment has been considerably improved with more convenient online services, better service support for project construction, and more vibrant markets.


Zhao Xuefeng, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and the Deputy Director of Management Committee of Yunnan Dian Zhong New Area presided over and addressed the symposium.

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Zhao said that building a first-class business environment is the source of development and the path to a better Yunnan Dian Zhong New Area. The efforts to optimize and improve the business environment are always a work in process. All levels in the New Area should consolidate progress step by step to achieve final success and ensure all indicators meet and surpass the target so as to hand in a satisfactory answer to the CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee, the People's Government of Yunnan Province, and all Yunnan people.

Zhao also stressed the 4 key points below:

● To improve the business environment and to serve the company's development cannot be delayed, so all levels in Yunnan Dian Zhong New Area should adhere to the goal orientation, combine with the reform of the management system of the New Area, and to accelerate the construction of the first-class business environment.

●It should be guided by the feedback given during the inspection of the CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee and the problems found in the self-inspection of the Party Working Committee of Yunnan Dian Zhong New Area. Pay close attention to the weak links observed in mechanisms and institutions, as well as supervision and management. Problems such as taking a long time to approve projects should be addressed and improved.

● It is necessary to stick to the result orientation, combined with the special competition for the business environment, to boost the development momentum.

● It is essential to adhere to the performance orientation, combined with the work style reform and efficiency construction, to optimize and improve service quality and efficiency.