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Anning Industrial Park yields fruitful results in first half year

PublishDate:2022-07-27 17:45Source: YUNNAN DIAN ZHONG NEW AREA

In the first half of 2022, the economy of Anning Industrial Park saw steady growth, achieving "over 50% in both targets" in the year 2022. Recently, according to the Anning Industrial Park, the total output value of 63 major industrial firms reached 59.71 billion yuan, up 29.09% year on year, accounting for 89.29% of the completion number in Anning City for the first half year. The fixed-asset investment went up 163.38% year on year to 8.24 billion yuan during the period, taking up 44.68% of the completion number in Anning City. The Anning Industrial Park helped enterprises to obtain more than 30 million yuan of subsidy funds and 3.7 billion yuan of credit funds.

For the first half year, Anning Industrial Park had adhered to the concept of "Centralized command and team operations" and taking the lead in establishing a "Team system" + "Chain leader system" dual mechanism in Yunnan Province. It promotes concentrating on new industries and business forms and working towards more large and good projects. At the moment, "One Department and Three Teams", meaning a Modern Industrial Development Operations Department and the petrochemical industry chain team, metallurgical industry chain team, and new energy battery industry chain team, have been fully established with the realization of working in the physical offices. The "Three hundred billion-level" industrial projects have been advanced by promoting investment. 


Anning Industrial Park is actively striving to take more projects with "reduction in oils and increase in chemical products", take a metallurgical industry project successfully put into operation based on the transformation and upgrading of Kunming Iron and Steel (Group) Co., Ltd. after relocation due to environmental protection concerns as an example. With a number of major new energy battery industry projects signed and started construction, Anning Industrial Park has completed a total of 7.8 billion yuan for investment promotion as of today. Those new energy battery projects include Yunnan Gold Industrial park, Shanghai Shanshan's lithium battery anode material integration base with an annual output of 300,000 tons, and the first phase of iron phosphate and lithium iron phosphate production of the Yunnan Yuneng Project.

Based on its own advantages, Anning Industrial Park participated in the Yunnan Manufacturing Cluster Competition and will make an endeavor to be awarded the title of "Advantageous Manufacturing Cluster in Yunnan Province" in the direction of the green chemical industry and the title of "Growing Manufacturing Cluster in Yunnan Province" in the direction of new energy battery. Anning Industrial Park will try its utmost to include these two industry clusters in the provincial manufacturing cluster cultivation program and obtain the three-year special cultivation and financial support for key industries.

At present, the industrial big data center, the Party building intelligent facilities, the planning and construction center, and the cloud investment service center in Smart Park Phase one Project of Anning Industrial Park are in trial operation, with the full coverage of 5G network coverage and Gigabit optical network. The 5G network scale and the operation and maintenance performance indicators and experience are all ahead of the industry level.

In the next step, Anning Industrial Park will focus on innovation and seek breakthroughs in fields such as new industrialization, the demonstration base for comprehensive utilization of industrial resources, and the green and low-carbon park to demonstrate the improvement of the national green industrial park and chemical industrial park.